Autumn Floral

Summertime Black

Beanie from LoveTokki (found here), Romper and boots from Forever 21

At times I feel as if I'm growing tired of my orange hair, and I get a sudden urge to cut my hair short like the rest of the female population and dye it back to black. Whenever I wear all black however, I notice how the clash of my orange hair and the black clothing just look so damn good together, which is a combination that I would have never thought of two years ago. Sometimes, even something as simple as hair can make the statement you need.

I start college in about two months, and it's extremely bittersweet. I've grown increasingly "anti-social" over the years and I highly doubt that a new environment will let me evolve out of my "shell", and at the same time I don't want to be left alone, like it kind of is now(?). Everyone around me are dying to go, and I thought I would share the same sheer excitement to leave this city, but this has grown to be my comfort zone. I'm growing worrisome over even the tiniest aspects of college, and mostly, the work load. I'm hoping to find a home there soon, though.

Spring Break Photo Diary Part 1

It's extremely bittersweet to realize that this will be the last spring break I'll have as a high school student, and more bitter to realize that I'll be off to college in merely two months. This might or might not be the last time I'll be at Universal, so the uncertainty gave me the urge to take photos like a shameless tourist (hence the cliche photo in front of Hogwarts). Outfit wise, I had another planned without considering the unexpected low temperatures, so this top and tights combo kept me warm throughout the day; warning: Florida weather is irritatingly bipolar. :-(

Top: Persunmall (found here)
Shorts: Forever 21
Tights: LoveTokki (found here)
Jacket: Tobi
Sunglasses: Tobi