Summertime Black

Summer has come around earlier for me this year now that I'm on a college calendar instead of the public school system's. After some time debating on what to title this post, I recalled a post from last summer with the same title, where I also wore all black. Just like many, black clothing is a comfort zone to me, and no matter what form of clothing it is, it flatters just about anyone. I still feel a bit awkward wearing colors outside of the monochrome range and although Florida's summer sun still feels like hell on earth, I can't find a good enough reason to wear vibrant colors (white is vibrant enough for me).

I guess in a way this "Summertime Black" post could be considered as a measurement of how much I've changed since last year, and maybe I'll continue to document my outfit coordination in the same fashion throughout the years. This post is very "goth-athletic-esque", which as you may know, is a huge 2015 trend, and something I'm very into currently.

Wearing a black suede cap from F21, crop tank top from H&M, tennis skirt from AA, lunar moon choker from pixxiepieces, and white sneakers from Top Shop

Too Faced Blushes Review

I recently bought the semi-new Soul Mates Blushing Bronzer in Rachel & Ross from Too Faced and I wanted to do a swatch/review comparison with my other Too Faced blush that I purchased half a year ago, due to the high popularity of both of them.

Soul Mates Blushing Bronzer from Sephora

When I first swatched this blush and bronzer duo, I was surprised to see that the pigmentation actually exists, unlike the next blush. Rachel & Ross is one of the TWO Blushing Bronzers that Too Faced has, the other being Carrie & Big, which is more of a coral and orange blush bronzer duo. I already had an orange/warm toned bronzer (e.g. NYC Sunny), so I decided to go with the raspberry pink blush. Both blush and bronzer have a very light and smooth shimmery finish WITHOUT any glitters for the best natural look. I've been mixing my usual blush and bronzer onto the same brush to "contour" my cheeks, and this duo makes it a little more easier to do just that.

Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush from Sephora

When I first saw this online, I was extremely attracted to this blush since the packaging was undeniably adorable. I read some reviews and ordered it ASAP. However, after I received and swatched it, I realized that the label "blush" wasn't very fitting to this product. It's more like a colored highlighter. The shimmers are chunky compared to the Blushing Bronzer, and when applied to the face, the pigmentation is very sheer (the pigmentation shown on my fingers in the photo was after several swirls). Maybe the sheerness is due to the shade I chose? Overall, it was a miss for me. I stuck this thing in the back of my makeup drawer and I took it out for the first time in months for the sole purpose of this review. If you're looking for a pretty peach or pink hued highlighter or a cute heart shaped box for room decor, this would be a hit for you. :-)

Sheer Stripes

Wearing H&M top, boyfriend jeans, leather belt, and holographic flatforms from UO, and bag from Target

This outfit could possibly be the most "sporty-chic" I can get to follow the trend that's currently on a flare (okay, I guess I could have added a black cap and white sneakers, but I don't have that in my wardrobe.. yet). I decided to deviate from the usual "forest-y" setting and go with something different on a whim—a tennis court. Now, this setting was far from what I'm used to, especially since I don't even play tennis, but it was surprisingly fun, especially when random passer-bys would give me strange looks after realizing that I'm not in the court to play tennis. Anyway, this ensemble consists of my must-haves for the past winter, and even the upcoming spring months, and I can't wait to wear the crap out of these jeans (AND THIS BELT) once again. Greatest investment ever.